Taking on new challenges for sustainable development is one of Bom Futuro’s main goals. We believe that sustainability versus productivity must be addressed in a long-term vision, by means of an ecologically balanced, economically viable, and socially fair production.

We are a world reference in sustainable productivity. We protect and preserve in our production areas, 98,500.00 hectares between Permanent Preservation Area (APP) and Legal Reserve Area (ARL). A work based on sowing development in harmony with nature.

Our vision is to permeate sustainability in your business portfolio through the correct management of environmental, social, and economic impacts. We aim to continue to develop technological solutions to reconcile excellence in operational and financial performance with sustainability, generating opportunities for social, environmental, and economic development for the communities where we operate.


Acknowledging and appreciating our employee’s qualification and competence are at the core of the process of motivating and expanding a team. To that end, we carry out several integration and leisure actions among our employees. Our continuous concern with suitable facilities, community leisure areas, and collective transportation transforms the work environment into a harmonious place.

In addition to providing training courses, professional refresher courses, crafting activities, and school education for farm children in all our units, we support social projects in the four regions of the state where we work to make the welfare of our company, employees and community interact in the best way, ensuring the future of generations.


Ensuring quality of life for our employees and especially for their children requires attitude and determination. With this in mind, we have developed several programs that aim to stimulate and promote attitudes towards social development. Check it out:

- Seeds of the Future: 

Committed to the future of our generation, this project consists of actions aimed at the children of our employees. In the beginning of the school year, we distribute school kits to ensure they have the necessary tools for learning. Awareness about caring for the environment is undoubtedly fundamental at this stage of life. Every two years, children plant native and fruit seedlings, and these seedlings receive the name of the child who planted it. Children are invited to "adopt" the native seedlings they planted. To make the activity even more fun, we created a comic book, Turma do Futurino (Futurino's Gang), approaching environmental preservation issues in a didactic and fun way in its stories. We have recently implemented extra classes before and after school in the project, providing greater support to the children’s formation and stimulating their abilities through music, English and physical activity classes, among others.




- Bom Futuro Volunteers: 

The goal of the Bom Futuro Volunteers Project is to increasingly integrate our employees' lives, combining their individual desires with collective interests. This work is born of a feeling of solidarity and participation, exercised with quality and responsibility. To be a non-profit volunteer, you just have to want to do it and commit to sharing your time, work and talent spontaneously. Training is of the utmost importance. We invest in improving these volunteers by offering training at one of the largest volunteer preparation and qualification centres in Mato Grosso, the SóRia project. This way, in addition to our passion, our actions are also governed by technique and competence.



- Separô Project: 

One of the goals of the Separô Project is the social and environmental development of Bom Futuro’s internal community, encouraging them to develop their role in the environment through proper waste management. Under the principles of Separô, we built a Solid Waste Management Policy to standardize the processes and use the resources generated from the sale of recyclable waste. Through the Project, commercialised recyclable materials return to the internal community in the form of social and environmental projects, encouraging the entire community to support us in the correct management of the waste generated. All partner companies in these projects have been environmentally assessed for their environmental regularity, as well as for their care for the environment.



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